Mānoa Heritage Center

Kūpuna, elders of Hawaiʻi nei, teach that the culture and environment are one. Likewise, Mānoa Heritage Center is committed to nurturing healthy relationships and responsible stewardship practices between this wahi pana (special site) and its valuable visitors, partners, staff, Board members and donors who collectively support the organization’s mission.

Mānoa Heritage Center adopted four key strategic objectives:

  1. Be an active resource for educators, helping students connect with the natural and cultural heritage of Hawaiʻi and inspire them to take action in their own communities.
  2. Be an educational hub for kūpuna, families, neighbors, and hālau of all disciplines, cultural practitioners, and community organizations wanting to engage with, and learn more about the biocultural diversity in Hawaiʻi.
  3. Be a well-maintained facility with unique historical and educational collections.
  4. Be an efficient, financially stable non-profit focused on enjoyable learning.

With these objectives in mind, the Mānoa Heritage Center is reaching out to those willing to share their manaʻo (wisdom, knowledge and skills) with others and bring their haumāna (students) for a tour and conduct teaching sessions that relate to Hawaiʻi, its people, places, flora and fauna. Click here for more information on how you join the Mānoa Heritage Center ʻohana.

Current Partnerships

National Endowment for the Humanities Partners

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Welina Manoa Partners

Botanical Gardens

Other Partners