Mānoa Heritage Center

Paper Club: Kōzo

  • 1/25/19

Experience the beauty of Japanese kōzo. Paper mulberry, or wauke in Hawai‘i, is the same plant used to make Hawaiian kapa and Japanese kōzo. Come prepared to pull beautiful translucent sheets of paper, or shape over armatures of your own making. Instructor will have soaked, cooked and beaten fiber so it will be ready to use. Bring your own pelon so that you can take home damp sheets to keep in the refrigerator to work with over time. Long unbeaten pieces of cooked bark will be available to make lace or netting. Must have completed two introductory classes before participating in the Paper Club.  Sign up HERE!


Intro to Papermaking

  • 2/9/19
Learn to create unique sheets of (Western-style) paper with moulds and deckles and a variety of fibers pulped in a Hollander beater. The history of papermaking and its contemporary uses as an art-making material will be discussed. Be prepared to get wet, have fun and make sheets of art paper that can be used for drawing, painting, printmaking and 3-D constructions. Paper needs to dry overnight. You must return on Monday, February 11 between 9-12 pm to gather your dried paper. No prior experience necessary. Sign up HERE!