Mānoa Heritage Center

Personal use

Photographs taken for personal use may not be published, sold, reproduced or commercially exploited in any format or manner. Please use discretion and good judgement and be respectful to the site when taking photographs, e.g., do not stand in plantings, on rock walls or on top of areas used for seating. Uses other than those that are personal require advance written permission and in some instances payment of a fee; please submit an email request stating your interests. Permission, forms, and fees vary depending on usage and purpose. Photographers at our site must be accompanied at all times by a Mānoa Heritage Center docent or staff member.

Use rights

Artists and photographers will grant Mānoa Heritage Center the right to use any work produced on-site.

Images, audio or video uploaded to social media can be tagged with #manoaheritagecenter or @manoaheritagecenter.

Mānoa Heritage Center reserves the right to remove or add tags to images, audio and video uploaded to social media.

Mānoa Heritage Center is to receive one copy of any publication in which a photo or art reproduction appears.